Kurhaus Korsakow breakfast

We offer our breakfast every Saturday, Sunday and on holidays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Breakfast menu pdf


pick and compose your breakfast

All breakfasts on this page include bread (a) rolls (a), butter (g)
as well as our homemade jam (or Nutella (f,g,e)) and fresh fruit

with another component according to the following selection: 8,90 €     

with two components according to the following selection: 12,90 €     

with three components according to the following selection: 15,40 €     

  •   Salami, ham and turkey breast (n,1,3,e,g,i,j)
  •   Emmenthal and wild garlic cheese (g)
  •   Brie and blue cheese (g)
  •   Baked camembert with cranberries (g)
  •   Salmon with horseradish
  •   Hash browns with herb curd (a,g)
  •   Hummus and grilled vegetables (h)  
  •   Avocado spread, beetroot ginger spread, tomato walnut spread (k,h)     
  •   Tomato and buffalo mozzarella (g)
  •   Smoked mackerel with horseradish-cranberry-sauce (9,n,g)
  •   Nuremberg sausages with mustard and Spreewald gherkins (j,n,1,3,4)
  •   Berlin meatballs (pork / beef) with mustard (j,n,4,a,c)
  •   Grilled tomato gratinated with cheese an poached egg (c,g)
  •   Salmon pancake rolls and grilled vegetable pancake rolls (a,c,g)



Breakfast - à la carte

Sweet and healthy

  •   Croissant, homemade jam, honey or Nutella, butter and fruits (f,a,c,g,e) 4,10 €
  •   Bircher muesli with fruits and nuts (g,h) 4,90 €
  •   Protein shock (curd cheese) with fruit, honey and caramelized nuts (g,h) 4,90 €
  •   Chiapudding (cooked with coconut milk) with two kinds of fruit ragouts 4,90 €
  •   Fruit salad with plain yoghurt (g) 4,90 €

Scrambled eggs

  Scrambled eggs (three eggs) with bread, butter and a small side salad (a,c,g) 5,50 €
  additionally with:

  •   Tomato/Mozzarella (g) 7,00 €                  
  •   Fine herbs 6,30 €
  •   Mushrooms 6,50 €                  
  •   Tomatoes 6,50 €
  •   Gouda (g) 6,50 €                               
  •   Ham (n,1,3) 7,00 €
  •   Spinach 6,50 €
  •   Ham and Onions (n,1,3) 7,00 €

Sandwiches from organic bread

  •   with poached egg, homemade avocado cream, spinach, tomato(a,g,c) 6,90 € 
  •   with beetroot ginger spread and grilled vegetables (a,k) 5,90 €
  •   with hummus, dried tomatoes, grilled eggplant and mushrooms (a,h,k) 5,90 €
  •   with smoked salmon, dill, horseradish, radishes, butter and salad (n,g,a) 6,90 €
  •   with turkey, tomato cream cheese, tomato, cucumber and spinach (a,n,g,j,1,3) 5,90 €
  •   with corn-fed poulard, lettuce, butter, wasabi-mayonnaise (a, g, e, i, j, f, c) 8,40 €
  •   Strammer Max (fried eggs) - optionally with ham, turkey or cheese (a,c,g,1,3,i,j) 6,40 €
  •   with tomato and mozzarella, carrot pesto, butter and salad (a,g) 5,90 €
  •   with smoked mackerel, salad, horseradish-cranberry-sauce (a,9,n,g,d) 7,90 €

Thank you for your choice!

All prices in EURO including VAT and service.

a gluten-containing
b crustaceans
c Eggs and egg products
d fish and fish products
e peanuts and peanut products
f soy and soy products
g milk and milk products
h nuts
i celery and celery products
j Mustard and mustard products
k sesame seeds
l lupins
m molluscs (snails, clams, squid, oysters)
n sulfur dioxide and sulfides

No. 1 with preservatives
No. 2 with dye
No. 3 with antioxidant
No. 4 with sweetener Saccharin E954
No. 5 with sweetener Cyclamat E952
No. 6 with sweetener Aspartam, contains Phenylalanine source E951
No. 7 with sweetener Acesulfam E950
No. 8 with phosphate
No. 9 sulphurised
No. 10 containing quinine
No. 11 caffeinated
No. 12 with flavor enhancer
No. 13 blackened
No. 14 waxed
No. 15 genetically modified
No. 16 Sulfur dioxide and sulfites