Food menu pdf


Small green salad
with homemade fermented and pickled vegetables  (5,90)

Raw marinated kohlrabi salad
with apricot chutney, rocket tofu cream and pumpernickel (7.00)

Veal ragout      
served with mushrooms, Worcester sauce and lemon
and gratinated with mountain cheese (8,90)

Roast beef carpaccio from Prignitz Charolais beef
with herb remoulade, rocket from our Blumberger vegetable farmer and kohlrabi chips (12.90)


Cold cucumber soup
with dill and pickled cucumber (6,00)  
with smoked salmon (7,00)  

Pea soup
with coconut, coriander and spring onions (6.00)


Large green salad
with homemade fermented and pickled vegetables  (10,70)
with baked goat cheese (14,90)
with fried filet of sea bass (19,00)   
with roasted breast of corn-fed chicken (16,50)

Please choose your salad dressing:
herb vinaigrette,
lemon vinaigrette
vinegar and oil


Fried filet of sea bass
under a Giersch herb crust
with polenta cuts and creamy chard and apple vegetables  (19,90)

Main dishes

Baked breast of corn-fed chicken
with thyme jus,  summer vegetables and potato-almond balls  (16,90)

Homemade Spaetzle Korsakow (south German pasta dish)
with smoked bacon,  Alpine mountain cheese, leek and onions  (13,90)

Liver Berlin style from Charolais beef from Prignitz
with caramelized apple, red wine shallots and mashed potatoes (14.90)

Pork escalope Viennese style
with lukewarm cucumber potato salad (14,90)
or salad with lemon vinaigrette (14,90)
or  fried potatoes (15,50)

Goulash from Prignitz Charolais beef
with glazed baby carrots and hazelnut spaetzle (16,90)

Braised rolled beef from Prignitz Charolais beef
filled with bacon, pickled cucumbers, onions and mustard
with orange and pointed cabbage and roasted dumplings (18,00)


Homemade Spaetzle Korsakow (south German pasta dish) 
with Alpine mountain cheese, leek,  onions  and  warm  tomato - shallot  salad  (13,10)

Amaranth patty
with toasted corn cream, orange fennel and pesto (14,90)


with preserved kumquats (8,00)

Dark chocolate cake (gluten-free)
with white chocolate cream, caramelized nuts and cherry ragout  (9,50)
with an extra scoop of vanilla ice cream (+1,20)

Homemade piece of cake (3,80)
as offered in our vitrine
with whipped cream (+0,60)

Schmankerln - these tasty little things we offer until 5 p.m. during the week

Sweet and healthy

  •   Croissants and Danish pastry with homemade jam, Nutella and butter 4,90 €
  •   Bircher muesli with fruits and nuts 4,90 €
  •   Protein shock (curd cheese) with fruit, honey and homemade granola 4,90 €
  •   Chiapudding with fruits and mint ragout 4,90 €

Scrambled eggs

  Scrambled eggs (three eggs) with bread, butter and a small side salad 5,50 €
  additionally with:

  •   Tomato/Mozzarella 7,00 €                      
  •   Fine herbs 6,30 € 
  •   Mushrooms 6,50 €                                  
  •   Tomatoes 6,50 € 
  •   Gouda 6,50 € 
  •   Ham 7,00 € 
  •   Ham and Onions  7,00 € 
  •   Spinach 6,50 €
  •   Stripes of Charolais beef saddle 8,00 € 

Sandwiches from organic bread

  •   with poached egg, homemade avocado cream, spinach, tomato 5,90 € 
  •   with beetroot ginger spread and grilled vegetables 5,90 €
  •   with hummus, dried tomatoes, grilled eggplant and mushrooms 5,90 €
  •   with smoked salmon, dill, horseradish, radishes, butter and salad 6,90 €
  •   with turkey, tomato cream cheese, tomato, cucumber and spinach 5,90 €
  •   Strammer Max (fried eggs) - optionally with ham, turkey or cheese 5,90 €
  •   with roastbeef from Prignitz Charolais beef and herb remoulade 8,90 €
  •   with tomato and mozzarella 5,90 €
  •   with salamai and cheese 5,90 € 
  •   with Black Forest ham 5,90 €