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Our chef Sören Guse & his team recommend

Contemporary and fresh German and Berlin Cuisine
open daily from 05:00 pm


Creamy green pea soup *
with chervil and cayenne pepper foam (6,50)

Lukewarm chicory salad *
with preserved pumpkin and amaranth (7,50)

Main dishes

Fried filet of skrei
(norwegian sustainably fished cod coming from Barents Sea / Norway)
with white cabbage in cream, baby potatoes, barley and water cress (18,00)

Fried seitan ** 
with coconut-cranberry-foam, baby-spinach and mashed sweet potatoes (15,50)

Chili sin carne *
with mashed potatoes, barley and water cress (15,00)

Braised lamb shank
with green pepper sauce, broad beans and beetroot puree (17,00)


Warm chocolate cake *
with liquid core, blueberry compote and pumpkin seeds (6,00)

* vegetarian ** vegan