Examples from our menue

Classic ‚Schnitzel‘ Viennese style

Our classical main dishes

Main Dishes

Crispy pork belly
with fried savoy cabbage, mashed potatoes and herbs salad (16,90)

Homemade spaetzle Korsakow (South German pasta dish)
with smoked bacon, Alpine mountain cheese, leek and onions (13,90)

Pork escalope Viennese style
with lukewarm cucumber potato salad (14,50)
or mixed salad (14,20)

Braised cheek of ox
with caramelized celery, marjoram-potatoe-mash and herb salad (17,90)

Main vegetarian dishes

Homemade spaetzle Korsakow (South German pasta dish)
with Alpine mountain cheese, leek, onions and warm tomato - shallot salad (12,90)

One hour egg
with a light mustard sauce, spinach and potato mousse (15,00)

More dishes can be found on our menue and our monthly changing menu.Your dishes you can enjoy with corresponding wines, e.g Weißburgunder Kabinett, Trautwein (Baden, Germany), Malbec, Rigal (Cahors, France)